Mission Viejo Bankruptcy Attorney

The current economic climate has caused many individuals to lose their jobs and consequently their homes, property and assets are all on the line. To keep afloat, may people have took on debt and once it starts to build up, there are the constant and harassing phone calls from the creditors, threatening lawsuits, garnishments and foreclosures. Many individuals have developed enormous credit card debts and the unseen expenses continue to mount in their lives. Call a professional Mission Viejo Bankruptcy Attorney today and we’ll give you a free consultation.

Bankruptcy is something no one wants to face, but sometimes there is little choice. However, filing for bankruptcy is a stressful time in your life, but if you do not take time to understand your options, you could lose everything. At our law offices, provide you with the best Mission Viejo legal advice to help you deal with your financial situation and protect your assets. We specialize in both personal and business related bankruptcies.

Bankruptcy is a legal process whereby individuals who are not able to pay their bills can get a fresh financial start. The right to file for bankruptcy is provided by federal law and involves legal proceedings. Once the bankruptcy has been filed, the cases are handled in federal court. Filing for bankruptcy immediately puts an end to all the annoying and harassing phone calls from all of your creditors.

Despite all the new laws preventing individual’s from filing for bankruptcy, we can offer you many other legal options to help resolve your situation. Our dedicated staff will help you understand the laws so that in the end you end up being the winner and not the loser. At the law offices of Matthew E. Fuller we are committed to helping Mission Viejo individuals who are in desperate need. We have handled hundreds of chapter 7 bankruptcy filings in the State of California, our record of success speaks for itself.

There may be certain circumstances where you may not need to file for bankruptcy, but the only way to determine that is by consulting with an expert. There are new laws that can help provide for bill consolidation and repayments, talk to us and see if you qualify. Our practice is completely devoted to bankruptcy work and we specialize in providing tailored solutions for our clients.

After filing for bankruptcy one is allowed to keep some property. The Federal government does have a financial cap on the amount, but in general you can keep the equity in your car, home, household goods, jewelry, matured life insurance and things that are required for a job or school.

However, as a client you should also note that a bankruptcy is not a cure for all your financial woes. While we can help you structure a plan to make mortgage payments for your home and or car, we can not totally erase this debt. Other debts such as child support, alimony, student loans and criminal fines have to be paid up, albeit on a delayed basis.

The cost for filing for a bankruptcy is variable and depends on your unique situation. For those who can’t afford all the fees up front, we can work with you to pay for it in installments.

Call the Mission Viejo Bankruptcy Specialists today as we have the best legal help in town. We have maintained a strong reputation for years and we do our best to protect your rights. Do not take our word on our reputation: Make a free phone call today and talk to us. Judge us on our character, organization, service and reliability and then decide. We are 100% dedicated to helping you with all your financial woes.

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