Huntington Beach Bankruptcy Attorney

Huntington Beach, incorporated in 1909, is one of the older cities in Orange County. Huntington Beach was originally settled by Europeans when a Spanish soldier named Manuel Nieto received a land grant from the Spanish Crown as a reward for his military service in the New World. Huntington Beach received its current name from Henry Huntington, a railroad industrialist who founded the Huntington Beach Company which was one of the original developers of Huntington Beach. The modern day successor to the Huntington Beach Company, the Huntington Company, still owns a good amount of land in Huntington Beach including most of the subsurface mineral rights.

The economy of Huntington Beach for many years was based on the oil extraction industry. While most of the oil has been depleted and only two offshore platforms remain active, the industry still provides significant income to the city. Beyond the oil industry and tourism, the aerospace industry is well developed in Huntington Beach with the primary employer being the Boeing Company.

Huntington Beach is probably most well known for its surf, hence its nickname of Surf City USA. Huntington Beach’s surfing prowess is due more to the quality rather than size of its waves.

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