Garden Grove Bankruptcy Attorney

The city of Garden Grove located in Orange County, California, east of Huntington Beach was established by Alonzo Cook in 1874. Garden was formally incorporated in 1956. Initially Garden Grove was an agricultural community growing crops such as oranges, chili peppers, walnuts and strawberries.

By the 1960’s, Garden Grove’s character much like the rest of Orange County had changed from an agricultural community to one of a suburban nature. By the 1970’s the population had grown to over 100,000 and by the 2000 census the population was recorded as over 165,000. The largest community event in Garden Grove is the annual Strawberry Festival which is held over Memorial Day weekend. The festival commemorates Garden Grove’s agricultural roots, and attracts over 250,000 visitors making it one of the largest events of its nature in California.

Notable people from Garden Grove range from actors to athletes including Steve Martin, Vanessa Bryant, Lenny Dyskstra, Bert Byleven, and Darly Kile.

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